Friday, January 30, 2009

My Brainless Bloodline (saya_gumbira)

this is also the display image of my friend.
sketch and sketch and sketch...


other drawing of Pete Doherty..
he is my hero!!!

Carl Barât

it's Carl Barât, the one who was with The Libertines..
now with Dirty Pretty Things..

My Brainless Mate (giant_ant)

another YM display image... haha.. my college friend...
stupid.. lancau...

My Bald Mate (stock_6996)

haha... criminal...
below is the real image

Nusantara Kretek

I used to draw this thing while i'm smoking and chatting..
below is the real image..

My Teddy Bear Mate (hakim_milia)

other YM display image that i try to draw... hahaha.. not really good..
my friend keep on disturbing my drawing... haha.. so i don't finish it..

My Bloody Mate (hooligans_256)

i try to draw my friend display image. but i not really look like.. haha
first i have drew him, but accidentally i click at "Erase Page"...
haha.. so poof.. it's all gone.
and this drawing is the 2nd. but i made it quickly as fast as i can. and that's the result.
like shit... haha

Who is She??

i don't have any idea about this girl. just it went through my imagination.
so i grab my mouse and start to sketch in the doodle IMVironment.