Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Do-A-Doodle Beta by RedPheonix89

Do-A-Doodle program is automatically a draw for the first Doodle IMV by Yahoo! Messenger.

Download: (Updated 20.08.08)

- Run a file-by-download do-a-doodle.exe just above
- In the Destination Folder, the only place to install Yahoo! Messenger ,usually C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger
- Click Install
- Click here, or open a chat any frame, select IMVironment ~> See all IMVironment ~> Interactive Fun ~> Doodle
- If the bottom right the words Do-A-Doodle, the installation was successful:)

- At to create a line (below)
- Set the image in the images need to paint and click Drawing. A little appears file download
- Save file (eg named dog.txt) to the directory imvcache\doodle\lines in the Yahoo! Messenger
- Open config.txt file (in imvcache \ doodle), type the file = TEN_FILE_VUA_TAO, for example, file = dog.txt, then Save again
- Return to the Do-A-Doodle, click Reload Picture
- Drawing Click Start, Pause or Stop Drawing to control the process of drawing

Note: When the program is drawing you change config.txt file must wait until they are finished drawing click Reload Picture


20:08:08 version: bug fixes in the drawing. If you paint the other party but not see, please download again: D
Images need to draw:

Crayon Size :
Images should be in Pixel Art (drawing pictures, not photos)
Gif or png images, size <= 180x130, capacity <= 50 KB
If the video is only the first frame draw

Stock photo:
- [ Album 1 ] + [ Album 2 ] + [ Album 3 ] + [ LOVE ]
- 2319 to draw the image ( 4.8 MB )
- 6348 image by Cyworld ( 9.7 MB )

If you have questions please contact

For the one I love ... :X

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My C0mments:

For me, this is an add on to Doodle IMvironment. We can have nice picture. But it is no more doodle. Even i have use this, i still want to doodle like before. This is art. Hehe.

My KMJ Mate (cqin_lotzofluv)

it's been couple of years since last time i met her. Now we're meet again only in YM. Haha. Actually, i have forgot that she is my friend.. Because last time she's with glasses. First time i meet again, i don't even recognize. haha. what a worst friend ever am i. this is only what i got.. see it for yourself.

Steven Gerrard

This drawing was made just now. I'm really bored today. Still using touchpad. haha. No one want to doodle with me. So i chatting and doodle with myself. Sound funny right? haha. But this is what i got. Stevie G. One of my favorite footballer. i love u Stevie. hehe..

Steven George Gerrard, MBE (pronounced /ˈdʒɛrɑrd/; born 30 May 1980), is an English footballer who plays for English Premier League club Liverpool and the England national team. He is usually employed in the central midfield role, although he has also played as a right or left-sided midfielder and a second striker.